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Get up to $2,000 pesos

Fast and simple!

Kueski Cash loans

Kueski was founded in 2012 and to date, is the fastest growing financial entity with the highest number of online loans granted in Latin America




How it works?

Tell us how much money do you need

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Apply online through our site at any time. You don't need paperwork or waiting in long lines to ask for a quick-disbursement loan. Use our dynamic bar to select exactly how much money do you need and for how long. You will always know exactly how much you have to pay.

We want to get to know you better. Fill out our short online form with your personal information and bank account. We use encryption technology to protect the information you provide.

Get your personal loan

Pay off your loan

You will know our decision moments after hitting the submit button. If approved, you will be asked to review and accept the loan terms by electronic signature before we can send the approved amount, this will take us less than 2 hours.

Choose one of our several options to pay off your loan: BBVA (at bank counter or ATM), electronic transfer, or Oxxo (there are more than 14,000 locations available in Mexico).

Kueski Cash provides fast and convenient loans to people in need every day. With our quick and easy application and approval process, we can provide you with the approved amount you need in about 24 hours!

Who is eligible for a Kueski Cash loan?

You must be at least 18-years old.

Must have an active checking account.

Must be Mexican citizen.

A color photo of your passport or Mexican voting card.

Quick help: Frequently Asked Questions

How do the immediate loans work with Kueski Cash?

What do I need to do to get my loan?

Amount: apply for a loan of $1,000 - $2,000 pesos.

Fill out our form and our system will evaluate the information provided. You will receive a response in a maximum of 2 hours, no paperwork needed. 

The system will evaluate your application and show you the payment term for your loan. 

1) Select the amount and term with the blue bars.

2) Check the total to be paid and the payment date

3) Click on the green button to fill out your loan application online. No matter where you are, the application should always be filled out through our website. Do it yourself

4) Fill out your application

When do I repay my loan?

How does Kueski Cash deposit my funds and how can I repay it?

Repay it the day you choose.

Is Kueski Cash safe?

Kueski Cash uses a system of interbank electronic payments, which directly deposits the money into the bank account in your name. 

The repay of your loan has to be made through a BBVA bank counter or at an ATM, electronic transfer or payment by reference in Oxxo.

Choose the one that is most convenient for you.

Yes, Kueski is a SOFOM (Non-bank lending and finance institution) registered with the CONDUSEF (National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Financial Service Users) and the CNBV (National Banking and Securities Commission). 

Additionally, we use encrypted information with a very high level of security.

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